Ethical Couture with Purpose


Kimia Arya is a conscious luxury brand specializing in silks and silk garments.  Founded in 2017 by Creative Director, Kimia Arya, the Kimia Arya brand was formulated to combine her two favorite worlds, Art & Fashion.  All of the printed silk textile designs are inspired by Kimia Arya's original paintings and are created by herself, which are now famously coined The Painted Silk or Kimia Arya Silk.  Kimia Arya silks are worn globally with clients in Dubai, Paris, New York, London, Monaco, Rome, and offices in West Hollywood, California, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where Kimia is originally from.  Kimia Arya is featured in prominent magazines, red carpet awards ceremonies, and worn on film and television programs and stars.  Kimia Arya brand had their first NYFW showroom appearance in September of 2019 and their most recent and first ever male couture collection, 'Punk Couture: An Ode to Karl', was selected and shown at Paris Couture Fashion Week in January of 2020 for runway.



Our main focus at Kimia Arya brand is sustainability in the fashion world and our mission is to create high fashion at zero cost to the planet.  In order to fulfill our mission and to maintain the least amount of carbon footprint on the environment, all of the pieces at Kimia Arya brand are made-to-order, and are hand-cut, hand sewn, and hand prepared in our atelier in Los Angeles, California, also known as Maison Kimia. All of the materials used are ethically sourced, including the Kimia Arya Silks, and we take pride in the production and transparency of our supply chain.  Our recent one-for-one business partnership with One Tree Planted allows for us to offset some carbon by planting trees in areas of need, with every garment sold.

We are also huge advocates of protecting our planet and our mental health. At Kimia Arya, we consciously use fabrics and materials that are earth friendly, such as silk, which is a natural fibre and is biodegradable, as well as Swarovski® crystals and Corozo buttons, which are nut based.  In addition, we reclaim a lot of our fabrics from current and previous seasons in order to maximize the longevity of our fabrics and minimize our carbon footprint on our planet. During the lockdown, Kimia Arya began a daily live show on Instagram entitled "The Daily Check-in LIVE" where she spoke with members of her community from all over the world, every day, to check-in on their mental health.  She also kept her team employed and hard at work by creating PPE masks for health care and essential workers all across the nation, in addition to creating their own fashion silk masks used to raise funds for @NoKidHungry and @OpportunityFund.

Our Motto at KIMIA ARYA BRAND: "Don't Explain Your Philosophy, Embody It" - Epictetus